beneath the skies project is us (Tarah D’Elia and Kelli Wilson) forming a collaborative portfolio and blog based on our experiences photographing each week’s theme throughout the course of a year.

WHY? (Tarah) There is clearly a lack of “blogs” on the internet today. Also cat photos. I feel like this blog will help draw attention to that fact and also to the internet in general. It’s bound to take off eventually but it takes each one of us doing his/her part.  Also the compare and contrast aspect of the idea really appealed to me. How two people view the same thing and where the imagination of each one goes from there is going to be fun to watch unfold.

WHY? (Kelli) I may be partially responsible for the glut of blogs on the internet, considering this is one of three blogs that I am currently managing (which does not include all past/inactive blogs…I might have a problem). The truth is that I am an extraverted thinker, which makes blogging the perfect outlet for my creative energy; photography is an excellent medium for this, too. Taking photos and blogging with someone takes everything to a new level. I’m a fairly shy person so participating in photo clubs or group shoots is probably never going to appeal to me. But, working in the virtual world, one-on-one, with another photographer sounds just perfect, and I think when we look back at the end of the year we will see something really amazing.