I feel like if you encounter a woman on the shoreline of lake Champlain in winter singing let it go (loudly) and pretending to form an ice palace you just turn around and walk away. — Tarah

tarah d'elia

tarah d’elia

I was all set to take these pictures last weekend, and then it rained. A lot. Not exactly the right environment to take images that evoke “cold.” But, luckily for me (?) it actually did get cold this week. My photos were taken at the pond behind my house. I had originally planned to visit our usual trail, but it was so icy that I abandoned that effort in favor of something, well, flatter. I wasn’t worried so much about getting hurt as I was about falling and breaking my camera — priorities!

You’ll probably all hate me for saying this, but I’d love to get one more big snowstorm before winter is over. I’m not such a huge fan of ice encrusted everything, and I know at least one three-year old who is very sad that he can’t build a snowman! — Kelli