We are over a week into the new year now and while I may not make resolutions, my cats have reminded me they do. They are always lording it over me how much more evolved they are and how superior as a species they are in general. So as a kind gesture to them. I the lowly human offer to share with you Stripes and Stitch’s New Year’s resolutions. — Tarah

[click on the kitties to see their resolutions]

You know what I’m good at? Gravity. As a kid I think people assumed I was shy, and I’m certainly not an extrovert, but the truth is that I’m really just thoughtful. When faced with this week’s prompt I spent a lot of time thinking; probably too much time. Hence, the fact that Tarah was done days ago, while I’m still here struggling. Eventually thoughts have to become actions. So, even though I’m not really very happy with these photos, I’m putting them here anyway. And, if I must make a resolution (in the spirit of this post’s theme), then I resolve to put more effort into this project going forward and not let my thoughts get the better of me. — Kelli

kelli ann wilson

a thoughtful bird by kelli ann wilson