I first heard the term “golden hour” used by the photographer who did my engagement and wedding photos. This was at least a year before I became seriously interested in photography, but it was the first time I had noticed or considered how the light looked at different times of the day. Our engagement photos, taken just before sunset on a warm summer day, really did make us look as if we were bathed in golden light. Over the years I have learned that lighting is a huge part of what makes a photo “great” as opposed to “good” or just “okay.” Sometimes I get it right, and sometimes I don’t. This week I had a lot of fun playing with the theme of golden as both light and color.— Kelli

tarah d’elia

Light is an amazing subject matter and a powerful tool for conveying emotion in a photo. To me golden is more about a feeling than a color. When I think of golden it evokes warmth and contentment. This week in some beautiful locations and with amazingly cooperative weather I tried to pull these feelings into frame. *With the exception of the dog on the couch…that makes me feel like vacuuming. — Tarah