I had a REALLY hard time with this assignment. I don’t really consider myself lacking in passion, but I guess I’m not very good at working with the more esoteric themes. Regardless, the night before our photos were “due” I still didn’t have anything. I messaged Tarah on Facebook secretly hoping that she was also struggling and that we could just call off the whole “passion” thing and try something else — what about all of these gorgeous fall leaves!? She pushed back saying that no, she had some good stuff and I should just suck it up. Okay that’s not exactly what she said (but I think it’s what she meant!) and she did give me a couple more days to get my act together (that’s why this is a collaborative photography project). I wandered directionless for the next 72 hours before zeroing in on my interpretation of this theme: MY passions. I thought, “what am I passionate about?” I found it challenging (in a good way!) to figure out how to represent all of the things I love: my husband; my kiddos; my hobbies, like genealogy, art, photography, and music; flowers and the natural world; and making stuff. I hope that a little of my passion shines through in this week’s photos. — Kelli

kelli ann wilson

kelli ann wilson

How many cliche’ sayings are there in the world about passion? I don’t know…I gave up counting on pinterest and started pinning hilarious cat memes instead. But you can trust me on this- A LOT! For example, and I quote:  “DO IT WITH PASSION OR NOT AT ALL”





And my personal favorite “YOU CAN’T FAKE PASSION” – I beg to differ

What can we learn from this? Passion is something we must have or we do have and we spill because we are passion and passion is energy but also chaos and that’s how you get paid and it’s not fake.

Passion has a pretty vague definition actually. (strong and barely controllable emotion.) It could easily be applied to things of the romantic nature or the endeavors of the determined.  How then to photograph passion? I don’t know… steamy scenes of lust between two people. That’s easily identifiable as passion I suppose. I asked my nine year old “what is passion?” he said “it’s two people kissing in the waves or working really hard on a drawing.”

I was really starting to feel that “passion” was highly overrated and a huge pain in the ass. Yes. ASS. I had scrapped a few sessions that just weren’t coming together on this subject. I wasn’t happy with any of my photos and I needed some clear head space. I planned on getting up and photographing the sunrise on a day my husband could be home with the kids. I set my alarm and fell asleep looking forward to some pre-  dawn time. It was not easy to drag myself out of my cozy blankets but I knew I needed to be there for the first light on the lake. I got up- skipped coffee to save time and made a straight line for the lake.

There was a fine layer of frost covering everything and I could see my breath. I set up and started with low lights. It was so peaceful. Only the sound of the shutter and the lake meeting the shore. As the sun shone through the clouds I began to realize something. I was again competing with myself. And it was unnecessary. This collaboration is about the art of the photography. It’s meant to be experienced and savored not met like some self imposed deadline where failure is hovering to slap you.

I am passionate about my photography. There are times when I feel my competitive nature is an asset. It drives me to constantly work on my art. Seeking locations, lighting, and angles that are new to me and will take each frame to another level. Then there are times, like that morning, when it’s enough that the passion has brought me out. I have seen such beautiful natural wonders. Experienced peaceful moments and had amazing animal encounters because passion brought me out and into a new space. Thanks passion! WOW, the more you know. – (INSERT RAINBOW HERE)

in keeping with the theme I’ll close like my favorite band THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT did this week in concert. “Thank you! Goodnight! Go make some babies!” — Tarah

  • Bethany

    Love it!!!! Tarah- Joe is a genius and Kelli, Tarah tells everyone to suck it up!

    • Tarah D’Elia

      I do. Kelli it means you’re one of us now.