I’ve never been a huge fan of just making a laundry list of things for which I am “thankful,” even though I know that’s a popular activity this time of year. It has always seemed kind of artificial to me. My experience of genuine gratitude is visceral, which makes it hard to put into words. Still, I can see some value in listing off the things I am grateful for, at least occasionally, because it often turns out that my list consists of people and relationships that have been neglected or overlooked; or, the basic necessities of life that I so often take for granted because I have never had to experience life without them. Taking inventory helps me see just how blessed I truly am, but also inspires me to do more for others who have not had the same good fortune.

So, without further ado: I am thankful for my husband; my two beautiful children; my home; my cat; my friends & extended family; my husband’s good job that allows me to be home with my kids; my faith; my creative spirit; my good health; the jaw-dropping beauty of nature; the art, music, and literature that gives my life meaning; and many, many more things that are harder to pin down in writing.

— Kelli

tarah d'elia

tarah d’elia

There is no way to encompass all the intricacies of life down to a few precious bullet points. I am thankful for an infinite amount of things both seen and unseen. It is easy to forget however. A spirit of peace and thanksgiving isn’t always present in each of us 100% of the time. So if I were going to make an accurate list I would say-

These are the things I am thankful for. Sorry if you didn’t make the list. Better luck next time…  

  • Myself. Well done self. You’ve seen some crazy shit.  You’re doing alright. Your confidence and determination has been a real asset to the team.
  • Where I come from. (reference crazy shit)
  • Sommerleigh, Josiah, Gideon and Natalie. More than anything in this world.
  • My husband. You should all be jealous.
  • my siblings. you are all nuts.
  • our home. it’s safe and warm and perfect.
  • our pets. OK…mostly my pets. Bunnies, frogs, cats and dogs.
  • The cats. (they made me give them their own bullet point. they also want to remind me to be thankful they let us sleep on THEIR bed.)

— Tarah

……Next time is now. I have been informed I did not include my mother on this list. It doesn’t matter how I obtained this information. Just that I am now aware of it. So. Very.  Aware. In light of this egregious error on my part I would like to make the following statement.

  • I am thankful for my mom. She makes me laugh and is a kick ass grandma   -Tarah