I have learned through the process of taking these photos that I really do not live my life by the clock. I very rarely know what time it is unless one of us has to be somewhere at a set hour. I tend to measure time in familiar sounds, activities, and the light throughout the day. To a greater or lesser degree I suppose I measure things in vacations and haircuts. Backpacks and socks. Because time doesn’t really matter. It’s a tool like anything else we can use effectively but most of us don’t. To me what makes me take note of time are haircuts. “Oh he needs another one already.” or  socks- as they have both outgrown theirs. Backpacks mark the school year and vacations offer time to soak it all in. Because it won’t be long before they need new socks. — Tarah

This has been one of my most favorite collaborations to date. When we learned that we were going to be working on the theme of “time” we thought we might try something a little different. Instead of just interpreting the theme in our own way, we decided that we would each take six hours during the day and take a photo during that hour (Tarah took odds, I took evens). Although the pictures weren’t all taken on the same day or by the same person, the end result is a complete day — 12 whole hours. My personal favorite is Tarah’s 7 am photo, as it accurately represents how I feel pretty much every morning. — Kelli