When I was little I remember driving through the dark and searching out the lighted windows in homes we passed. What were people doing? Where the walls a pretty color? Is growing pains on the t.v? AM I MISSING GROWING PAINS RIGHT NOW?

Our home has a window over the kitchen sink which looks out onto the backyard. I’ve watched snow fall, my children play, the dogs run, birds at the feeder and measured summer days by the height of sunflowers in the garden. I’ve left windows open in summer storms. Coming home to puddles and screens filled with drops of water then fallen asleep to the soft whirring blades of a fan in the window on a warm summer night. So yeah I’m a fan of windows. I’d have a beer with windows. Well, if I drank beer. Which I don’t. Wine…..I’d have a glass- no- scratch that. I’d share a bottle of wine with windows.

Also windows and I go way back. One of the MANY adorable stories about me my mom could tell you is that once, when I was little, I was standing up in my crib looking out the window at the snow yelling “nose!” over and over.  That’s frickin’ adorable. Even the window was like “awwww”. Now as an adult I see how useful windows are. As well as being an aesthetic addition to the home they are an effective means of communication. For example: My son is in the back yard doing something he shouldn’t be doing. I am inside yet I see this and wish to express my displeasure. (This is where windows come in). A quick BANG! BANG! BANG! on the window and stern head shake means “oh crap mom saw me.” Wild hand gestures (from mom) and silently mouthing words means “oh crap she’s really mad. I’m going to release this raccoon back into the wild NOW.” Thanks windows, is there anything you can’t do? Oh yeah…wash yourself.

DSC_0072 (2)

In the center of things
between the pressing of the window and air
— a small space —
there is a meeting that defines
nothing, everything.

— from “Windows” by Rachel Sherwood

I spent a lot of time looking out the window this winter. As the snow piled up, I pined away for Spring and imagined the glorious moment when I would finally feel the warmth of the sun on my face and hear the birds singing, and maybe even get a glimpse of my tulip bulbs sending up shoots. And, finally, that moment has arrived! It’s time to open the windows wide and let in the fresh air of the new season. — Kelli